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Re: [HTCondor-users] Where condor_negotiator runs?

Itâs more like there shall only be one condor_negotiator unless you shard your pool,  and it is most efficient to put it on same machine as the condor_collector.   It would almost certainly be a mistake to have a NEGOTIATOR in the daemon list of an execute node.


A quick way to check would be to run


condor_status -master -constraint âNEGOTIATOR_Timestampâ -af:h Name âformattime(NEGOTIATOR_Timestamp)â




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Dear Colleagues,


From the Administratorsâ Manual Introduction I can conclude (frankly without confidence) the condor_negotiator shall run on the Central Manager node, but I see condor_negotiator output (in fresh rsyslog output setup) also on the Execute and Submit nodes. Is this OK, or there is a mistake in our HT Condor configuration?



All the best,

Alexander A. Prokhorov