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[HTCondor-users] ssh_to_job via JumpHost from local machine for port forwarding


(I have been thinking about a solution to a problem that I have the feeling could be solved much simpler. I thought maybe this list can safe me from doing to stupid stuff. I still don't get the HTCondor internal communication part completely...)

I am accessing htcondor via a login node . What I want to do is to define a ProxyCommand line in my ssh config to directly connect to the job like:

Host *%condor-job
ÂProxyCommand ssh login.example.com ssh_to_job_tunnel.sh $(echo %h | cut -d%% -f1)

ssh_to_job_tunnel.sh only contains a line to call the ProxyCommand directly:

eval `echo $@|sed -n "s/.*-oProxyCommand=\(.*\)condor-job.*/\1/p"`

But now I have a problem I don't seem to get around: ssh_to_job always generates new keypairs and I cannot add them easily (maybe I try could to do agent-forwarding, which I don't like). So I was thinking to fork condor_ssh_to_job to add the keys as parameters. But before I start digging further into the source I thought I first join this mailing-list to not solve problems that have been solved already!

Maybe I should also should also explain what I want to achieve: I want to securely forward a unix socket from the job via ssh to my local machine. (Actually somewhat similar to what the ssh_to_job stuff does, but it seems pretty hardcoded into the starter class or is there a command to open sockets or bidirectional pipes to the remote job)

Hope I don't sound to mad for a first post.

Thanks in advance for the help!


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