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Re: [HTCondor-users] Failed to authenticate using FS


Try adding '-all' to your 'condor_q' command. 'condor_q' defaults to showing only your jobs but it requires authentication and in the remote case this requires an auth infrastructure and more pounds of configuration. '-all' skips that authentication check and shows jobs for all users.

Also, you should consider removing CLAIMTOBE from your auth methods as it allows any remote client to pose as the 'remoteclient' (or any other) user.

- Brian

On 4/16/20 2:24 PM, rmorgan466@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Redoing my setup and I came across this problem when trying to query a remote schedler.

$ condor_q -global
SECMAN:2007:Failed to received post-auth ClassAd
AUTHENTICATE:1004:Failed to authenticate using FS

On my remote scheduler I have:

ALLOW_READ_SCHEDD = remoteclient

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