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Re: [HTCondor-users] Limiting memory used on the worker node with c-groups

tbh, I am not 100% sure - I interpret it, that the OOM handling is done by Condor.
My guess would be, that something like
  oom_kill_disable 0
  under_oom 1
should mean, that the kernel would send processes to sleep but not kill them

On 24/04/2020 11.10, Jean-Michel Barbet wrote:
On 4/24/20 10:50 AM, Thomas Hartmann wrote:

As far as I understand [1], with something like
ÂÂ > cat /sys/fs/cgroup/memory/system.slice/condor.service/SLOT/memory.oom_control
ÂÂ oom_kill_disable 1
ÂÂ under_oom 0
should indicate, that the kernel itself is not killing or stopping processes (but might depend also on the parent oom settigns maybe??)

Hi Thomas,

Thank you very much, the reference is very interesting.
This is also what I have :

oom_kill_disable 1
under_oom 0

Is this expected that some processes in the job tree go into "D"
(uninterruptable sleep actually) whith this setting ?
I would expect not...


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