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Re: [HTCondor-users] Job submission from a node outside a cluster instantiated on k8s

Adding some more context and details on my investigation so far.

In this k8s manifest (*) you can find my latest try, and it basically does the following from the network point of view:

- CCB/Collector exposed to a nodeport on 30618, mapped to 30618 inside the container

- Schedd appears to the collector as a headless k8s service at schedd.condor.svc.cluster.local     - CCB address on schedd file, pointing to the public IP of collector (I tried also the private one, no difference in the outcome though)

With this configuration everything works perfectly as far as I am inside the cluster, but if I try from outside with this env (**) I get this error (***).

Can you help me in understanding if what I am trying makes any sense? Do you see any obvious reason for this not to work? Any feedback at this point is very appreciated.

P.S. if I remove the CCB_ADDRESS from the condor configuration of the schedd I get this instead (****), don't know if it helps.





export _condor_AUTH_SSL_CLIENT_CAFILE=/ca.crt
export _condor_SCITOKENS_FILE=/tmp/token
export _condor_COLLECTOR_HOST=


condor_q -address `condor_status -schedd -af ScheddIpAddr` -debug
12/01/20 11:23:22 ZKM: In unwrap.
12/01/20 11:23:22 SharedPortEndpoint: failed to find MyAddress in ad from /var/lock/condor/shared_port_ad. 12/01/20 11:23:22 CCBClient: Failed to get remote address for shared port endpoint for reversed connection from schedd at <>. 12/01/20 11:23:22 Failed to reverse connect to schedd at <> via CCB.

-- Failed to fetch ads from: <> : schedd.condor.svc.cluster.local CEDAR:6001:Failed to connect to <>


condor_q -address `condor_status -schedd -af ScheddIpAddr` -debug
12/01/20 11:10:06 ZKM: In unwrap.
12/01/20 11:10:26 attempt to connect to <> failed: timed out after 20 seconds.

-- Failed to fetch ads from: <> : schedd.condor.svc.cluster.local CEDAR:6001:Failed to connect to <>

Il 12/1/2020 12:52 AM, Diego Ciangottini ha scritto:
Hi again,

partially related to the activity of the previous email, I'm trying to update our cluster setup on k8s and I was wondering if it was possible to optimize what we are currently using.

In particular, we are keeping the schedd and collector pod on host network accessible from outside in order to allow submssion from nodes outside the cluster. This comes at the cost of losing a lot of flexibility in the deployment of course.

So, is there any way to expose only the collector port as a service and making also the schedd running on private network only leveraging CCB or other solutions? Any suggestion/previous experience?