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Re: [HTCondor-users] does htcondor-ce mess up htcondor config?

Hi Nagaraj,

Yes, the htcondor-ce-bdii package drops in HTCondor configuration (you can find the files with rpm -ql 'htcondor-ce-bdii'). These are necessary for the BDII provider to function but they don't touch HTCondor security configuration.

If this is the same setup with mixed OSG and CHTC Yum repositories from the OSG ticket, did HTCondor accidentally get upgraded to 8.9 when you enabled the CHTC development repository to get the appropriate version of htcondor-ce-bdii?


On 12/3/20 11:12 AM, Nagaraj Panyam wrote:

I had HTCondor working fine, until the time I installed htcondor-ce related bdii rpm. Nothing else altered. I started seeing log entries like this in execute nodes. I'm positive that no config file was altered by hand by me.

12/03/20 22:32:25 ERROR: SECMAN:2010:Received "DENIED" from server for user condor_pool@<hostname> using method PASSWORD. 12/03/20 22:32:25 Failed to start non-blocking update to <>

Does htcondor-ce packages alter htcondor config files or behaviour?