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Re: [HTCondor-users] Failed to open '.update.ad'

as a side note i have this same error plastered through my logs.  for
both success and error jobs.  we don't use file transfer.

lack of time means i haven't tracked it down to anything.  but i
suspect this is more fundamental in the condor config (which i've
likely done too) then something specific in the job he's running.

I thought we'd reduced the occurence of that message in newer version of HTCondor, but I don't know which version(s) people are using.

The .update.ad file is used to convey updated information, via a ClassAd, from HTCondor to the job. Failing to write the .update.ad is basically always a result of the update happening before or after the sandbox directory exists, so these errors don't cause problems.

- ToddM