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Re: [HTCondor-users] Rank expression in submit-file

Hi Werner,

are resources available with the desired kflops value?
If only slots on weaker (kflops) nodes are available, condor will broker your jobs to these to get them running.

If you want to really run only on nodes with a minimum number of kflops, you can add this as a minimum in the job requirements 9and combine them with the rank expression to aim for the highest performing slots within your selection).


On 10/12/2020 21.24, Werner Koppelstätter wrote:
Hi all,

I tried to use the rank expression to define the best matching slot for a job. I added "Rank = kflops" to my submit-file as described in the HTCondor Manual, but nothing changed.

My jobs were assigned to a slow machine and filled all the slots. Then all the slots of a next machine were filled.
How can I adjust the order of the slots?

Thanks in advance,

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