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Re: [HTCondor-users] Making stringListIMember work in requirements

A string list is a string that contains a comma separated list,  your custom array is a classad list of strings.  The stringListIMember function will not work on that.  In order for stringListIMember to work customarray needs to be


customarray = âtest1, test2, test3â





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Subject: [HTCondor-users] Making stringListIMember work in requirements


Hello Experts, 


I am trying to make stringListIMember work in requirements using following approach but job remains in idle status. -better-analyze shows that no slot matched with requirement, am i doing something wrong?


requirements = (stringListIMember("test1", TARGET.customarray,",") =?= True)


Node classAD showing customarray. 


$ condor_status -compact testnode1.example.com -af customarray                                                    
{ "test1","test2","test3" }


Condor version : 8.5.8

Thanks & Regards,

Vikrant Aggarwal