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Re: [HTCondor-users] regexp not working in condor_history

condor_history and condor_q handle the -constraint argument the same way.  

if you are getting not results from 

   condor_history -constraint 'regexp("cms", Owner)'

Then I'm confident in saying that the problem is not that regexp() doesn't work with condor_history,
there is some other problem.  Try this.

  condor_history  -limit 100 -constraint  'true' -af Owner

Do you get any results?  Any with cms in the name?  

Or perhaps

   condor_history -af Owner | sort | uniq -c

Although this last command may take a while to run.  


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running version 8.6.13
I am able to use regexp( ) with condor_q with no problem. Example:
      condor_q -constraint 'regexp("cms", Owner)'

However, the same query for condor_history returns nothing, when it
should. Is this expected?

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