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Re: [HTCondor-users] using the Job Router for ARC CEs

Hi all,
I will try using substr() or other suggestions from the classad docs...

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Sent: 24 July 2020 16:00
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Subject: [HTCondor-users] using the Job Router for ARC CEs

Dear HTCondor users,
I am trying to configure the Job Router for ARC CEs (type "nordugrid"),
but did not manage to get the destination queue specification working.

I tried to imitate what is shown for Globus in the example configuration:


The Job Router accepts the following, lines folded for clarity:

07/24/20 14:41:19 Parsing JOB_ROUTER_ENTRIES_CMD=[
GridResource = "nordugrid arc-ce.some.domain";
eval_set_GridResource = "nordugrid arc-ce.some.domain";
eval_set_nordugrid_rsl = "(queue=plugh)" ]

07/24/20 14:41:19 JobRouter Note: adding new route '[
set_remote_jobuniverse = 5;
eval_set_nordugrid_rsl = "(queue=plugh)";
MaxIdleJobs = 200; EditJobInPlace = true; MaxJobs = 20000;
GridResource = "nordugrid arc-ce.some.domain";
set_JobUniverse = 9;
eval_set_GridResource = "nordugrid arc-ce.some.domain";
delete_JobLeaseDuration = true;
requirements = target.WantJobRouter is true;
delete_WantJobRouter = true ]'

In the output of "condor_q -l" for a routed job I then see this line:

nordugrid_rsl = "(queue=plugh)"

So far so good, yet the ARC CE reports there is no queue defined:

HoldReason = "globus_ftp_client: the server responded with an error
451 Request has no queue defined."

Indeed, the HTCondor documentation for the "nordugrid" type does
not have double quotes in the "nordugrid_rsl" specification:


So, it seems the ARC CE is exactly getting the RHS of that expression
and cannot deal with it.  Right, let's try without the double quotes then:

07/24/20 14:40:19 Parsing JOB_ROUTER_ENTRIES_CMD=[
GridResource = "nordugrid arc-ce.some.domain";
eval_set_GridResource = "nordugrid arc-ce.some.domain";
eval_set_nordugrid_rsl = (queue=plugh) ]

07/24/20 14:40:19 JobRouter CONFIGURATION ERROR:
Ignoring the malformed route entry in JOB_ROUTER_ENTRIES_CMD,
at offset 0 starting here:
[ GridResource = "nordugrid arc-ce.some.domain"; eval_set_GridResource = "no

Now it appears the Job Router cannot accept a bare RHS...

Is there a "trick" to get the correct syntax into the JDL via the Job Router?

I have already tried using a '+' definition in the original JDL instead;
the following is accepted, but has the same issue with the double quotes:

+nordugrid_rsl = "(queue=plugh)"

Without the double quotes it is rejected by condor_submit:

ERROR: Parse error in expression:
        nordugrid_rsl = (queue=plugh)

Thanks for any tips!

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