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[HTCondor-users] HTCondor FIPS .repo file

Good Morning Everyone!

We finally got approval to add HTCondor to our production, so I am trying to integrate it into our workflow of moving yum repos onto our air-gapped network. Normally, we have a machine with the yum repos we want pre-configured, then run a reposync and transport the packages across the gap. For the non-FIPS variant of condor, this is pretty easy, just wget the repo file and bazinga!

But with the FIPS fork, yum doesn't seem to like the location of the FIPS repo. "One of the configured repositories failed (Unknown)"
My repofile is as follows:
name=HTCondor Stable fips RPM Repository for Redhat Enterprise Linux 7
baseurl= https://research.cs.wisc.edu/htcondor/yum/fips/rhel7/ 
I have checked my network connection and all. As a stop gap I can just rsync down the repo, but it does keep it a little cleaner if I can just use yum like everything else.

Does anyone have a good .repo file I can copy or know something I have done wrong here?


Wesley Taylor â Cluster Manager
Numerica Corporation (www.numerica.us)
5042 Technology Parkway #100
Fort Collins, Colorado 80528
âï (970) 207 2233
ð wesley.taylor@xxxxxxxxxxx

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