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[HTCondor-users] Mapping users via LCMAPS as root?

Hi all,

first time trying to use LCMAPS with HTCondor(-CE), hoping for some wisdom.

The callout to LCMAPS seems to work fine. We use
	$ cat /etc/grid-security/gsi-authz.conf
	globus_mapping liblcas_lcmaps_gt4_mapping.so lcmaps_callout
with basically alls UMD-4 lcas/lcmaps packages, plus an lcmaps.db from our old ARC5 CEs.

The problem is that LCMAPS is run as the Scheddâs `condor` user. This prevents it from extending pool account leases, which are owned by `root`:
	lcmaps[1877874]  LOG_NOTICE: 2020-06-08.13:27:42Z: lcmaps_gridmapdir-get_pool_mapping: touching requested lease "/etc/grid-security/gridmapdir/%2fdc%3dch%2fdc%3dcern%2fou%3dcomputers%2fcn%3dcmspilot04%2fvocms080%2ecern%2ech" failed: Permission denied

Is there any way to make the Schedd run LCMAPS as `root`?


PS: Weâre using LCMAPS to have Pool accounts shared across machines. If there is any way to do that with unified map files, well, ...

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