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[HTCondor-users] alternate LOCAL_DIR


I'm stuck at a seemingly silly step - directory permissions. I wish to make /home/condor as the LOCAL_DIR (it is owned by condor.condor), and having done so, I find that condor is unable to start because of permission problems.

# Configuration from machine: simclu-wn01.mydomain.com

# Parameters with names that match LOCAL_DIR:
Â# at: <Default>
Â# expanded:
LOCAL_DIR = /home/condor
Â# at: /etc/condor/condor_config, line 26
Â# expanded: /home/condor
Â# default: $(TILDE)

Here is the syslog clipping:
condor_master: 06/15/20 20:51:57 Can't open "/home/condor/log/condor/MasterLog"
Jun 15 20:51:57 simclu-wn01 condor_master: ERROR "Cannot open log file '/home/condor/log/condor/MasterLog'" at line 174 in file /var/lib/condor/execute/slot3/dir_3977/userdir/.tmpEsbepJ/BUILD/condor-8.9.7/src/condor_utils/dprintf_setup.cpp

And /home/condor is owned by condor:
[root@simclu-wn01 ~]# ls -ld /home/condor
drwxr-xr-x. 2 condor condor 6 Jun 15 19:50 /home/condor

If I initialize MasterLog with touch, the error thrown up is that selinux is blocking.
What could the issue be?
Thanks for any help!