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[HTCondor-users] Understanding RequestCpus for HTCondor-CE

Hi all,

weâve just had an HTCondor-CE Job Router Expression behave weirdly because we seem to mishandle the number of CPUs requested. This seems to be wildly different from regular Condor.
Since the evaluation order of a JRE seems random, we sometimes end up with the correct value (evaluated by the CE) and sometimes not (the initial job value).

In short, what *is* the correct job attribute to check the number of requested cpus in HTCondor-CE?

Looking at a known 8-Core job:
It seems job RequestCpus is a dummy. Using it in the JRE leads to the unexpected behaviour depending on evaluation order, and orig_RequestCpus always ends up as 1. Is this correct? This is what we usually use in Condor, so that came as a surprise.

Other candidate attributes are: OriginalCpus, xcount, remote_SMPGranularity (from GlideinWMS?), but none of these seem documented either for HTCondor-CE or HTCondor itself. Can we use them? Should we use them?


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