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[HTCondor-users] OPINIONS WANTED: Are there any blatent downsides I am missing to the following Condor configuration


I am architecting our final HTCondor configuration over here and I have an idea I am unsure about and I would like to ask some experienced users for their opinion.

Background, we have a small, relatively homogenous cluster (with no special universes) and less than 10 users. Since each user has their own workstation separate from our cluster I thought the following configuration would suit our needs, but I want to make sure there isn't a huge disadvantage I am missing:

1. Set the Central Manager to be highly available to the point of tolerating N cluster machine failures
2. Put a Submit on each of the users' workstations (I am a little worried about the resource usage of the condor_shadow and condor_schedd, my users are already running into RAM consumption issues over time as it is)
3. Place an Execute on each of the cluster machines, which would lead to the central manager being on a machine that is also executing jobs

Fortunately both my users' and cluster machines all have access to the same network storage, and we have centralized authentication so we can just use our users' credentials to authenticate everywhere. 

Before I set this in dry mud, does anyone have any retrospective recommendations I could benefit hearing from, since I am still pretty new to the project?

Thank you!

Wesley Taylor â Cluster Manager
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