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Re: [HTCondor-users] Odd behaviour between pools?

IMO Dropping the -a is better.  This puts the qnum=20 statement at the *top* of your submit file
so it can be referenced by *if* and *include* statements.
While  -append puts qnum=20 it at the bottom, just before the queue statement.

It's that 'just before' that's the issue here.  The submit parser doesn't *know* its gotten to the queue statement
until it reads it, so there was a bug for a while in the 8.3 series where the $() expansion of the QUEUE statement
happened before -append arguments were applied. 

I would recommend that you get in the habit of using -append only if you are using such an old condor_submit that you don't have a choice,
or when you need to override a statement in the submit file that has not been prepared to be overwritten.

What I do with my submit files these days is to leave the queue statement off entirely, and then supply -queue as a command line argument

condor_submit my.sub -q 1

In support of this pattern, I have considered changing condor_submit so that it does not require a queue statement. 
Instead it would treat any submit file without a queue statement as having an implicit queue 1 at the end.  

I would be interested in feedback from the community on this idea.


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On a couple of Condor Pools I do the trick where the last line of my submit looks like:
Queue $(qnum)

And then I do
condor_submit -a qnum=20 submit

And all works as expected. 

However, on a Pool with condor_version 8.3.8 BuildID RH-8.3.8-1.el7 I get:
WARNING: the line 'qnum = 20' was unused by condor_submit. Is it a typo?

Note that if I drop the -a (or -append) and just use qnum=20 it works.

So, no big deal - just curious.
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