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Re: [HTCondor-users] set an alias in the job-wrapper-script

Hi Christoph,

Bash does not expand aliases for "non-interactive" shells, unless the "expand_aliases" shopt option is set. So if you want to do your thing with ". file.txt" to get aliases into a shell, you'll need to do it like:

	shopt -s expand_aliases

	. file.txt

Alternatively, you might want to consider using shell functions instead of aliases.

Hope that helps,


On Mon, 23 Mar 2020, Beyer, Christoph wrote:

Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2020 09:19:16
From: "Beyer, Christoph" <christoph.beyer@xxxxxxx>
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Subject: [HTCondor-users] set an alias in the job-wrapper-script


maybe this is more a question for the bash-wizards, I try to export an alias inside the job-wrapper-script in a way that it gets set inside the job environment. I tried alias.... and . file.txt with the alias in file.txt but I can't get it into the job environment.

Is there a more clever way that I just don't see at the moment ?


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