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[HTCondor-users] Backfill BOINC jobs with partitionable slots


I've been trying enable BOINC backfill in our local condor cluster and seem to be running into issues triggering the backfill state.

The local BOINC client configuration seems to be correct, I can start it manually and run jobs without issue, but that the slot never goes from Unclaimed/Idle to Backfill.

We also use partitionable slots, which I'm curious if that might be part of the issue. Even when no jobs are currently running on the host it seems to.

The config I've been mainly testing with is what is listed in the manual:

# Turn on backfill functionality, and use BOINC
# Spawn a backfill job if we've been Unclaimed for more than 5
# minutes
START_BACKFILL = $(StateTimer) > (5 * $(MINUTE))
# Evict a backfill job if the machine is busy (based on keyboard
# activity or cpu load)
EVICT_BACKFILL = $(MachineBusy)

Note though, I've tried changing the expressions so the START_BACKFILL and EVICT_BACKFILL ads should never remove and always start backfill as well. Logs seem to not show anything relevant to backfill attempting to start, even after enabling full debug logging for the startd.

Any thoughts on what might be happening?