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[HTCondor-users] Usage of JobStart or ActivationTimer in startd RANK expression?

Hi all,

we are currently trying to implement quite a number of changes to our
pool (and since we are pretty much stuck at the moment, I will probably
a lengthy email with a plea for ideas/help soon).

Apart from trying to get preemption going based priorities and other
factors (hence using the negotiator for that), we would like to enable
interactive jobs to be preferred on our nodes and we think, the best way
would be to use the startds' RANK expression here.

We make all resources of a node available as a large partitionable slot
and set the machine attribute "MinRunTimeHours" to define how long we
allow a user batch job to run before we may kill it. Just to be sure
that's readily available, we propagate it via STARTD_ATTRS as well.

Thus to allow an interactive job to enter, we simply tried something like

RANK = MY.MinRuntimeHours * 3600 > (time() - JobStart)

(or using ($(ActivationTimer) directly, but this does not work as
JobStart evaluates to UNDEFINED and hence $(ActivationTimer) evaluates to 0.

Interestingly, $(ActivityTimer) does yield a reasonable value.

Any idea, why this could be the case?

Cheers and thanks a lot in advance



03/31/20 07:21:22 Classad debug: [0.00095ms] MY --> CLASSAD
03/31/20 07:21:22 Classad debug: 2 --> 2
03/31/20 07:21:22 Classad debug: [0.04601ms] MY.MinRuntimeHours --> 2
03/31/20 07:21:22 Classad debug: [0.00191ms] JobStart --> UNDEFINED
03/31/20 07:21:22 Classad debug: [0.02503ms] ifThenElse(JobStart isnt
undefined,(time() - JobStart),0) --> 0
03/31/20 07:21:22 Classad debug: [0.12302ms] 1.000000000000000E+00 *
(MY.MinRuntimeHours * 60 > (ifThenElse(JobStart isnt undefined,(time() -
JobStart),0))) -
-> 1
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