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[HTCondor-users] Error in SchedLog


I'm trying to find the source of a problem where some pilots are finishing without matched jobs. Looking for errors in the logs, I found a specific one in SchedLog, as seen below:

4/30/20 13:03:15 ReliSock::put_file_with_permissions(): going to send permissions 100644 04/30/20 13:03:15 put_file: going to send from filename /var/lib/condor-ce/spool/5711/3/cluster15711.proc3.subproc0/15711.3.log
04/30/20 13:03:15 put_file: Found file size 644
04/30/20 13:03:15 put_file: sending 644 bytes
04/30/20 13:03:15 ReliSock: put_file: sent 644 bytes
04/30/20 13:03:15 DoUpload: exiting at 3559
04/30/20 13:03:15 DoUpload: (Condor error code 12, subcode 2) SCHEDD at <IP> failed to send file(s) to <IP:44455>; TOOL at <IP> failed to write to file /data/HTCondor/work/ce03.cat.cbpf.br/E/0C/15711.3.log: (errno 2) No such file or directory 04/30/20 13:03:15 (cid:501580) generalJobFilesWorkerThread(): failed to transfer files for job 15711.3 04/30/20 13:03:15 condor_write(): Socket closed when trying to write 29 bytes to <IP:44455>, fd is 19
04/30/20 13:03:15 Buf::write(): condor_write() failed
04/30/20 13:03:16 transferJobFilesReaper tid=1336686 status=0
04/30/20 13:03:16 ERROR - Staging of job files failed!

Anyone could help me to understand what's going wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Daniel R. S. Moraes