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Re: [HTCondor-users] Removing / disabling GPUs without stopping jobs

Thanks for the tip!

We did some tests, and, in short, it seems that the current behavior matches the documentation, because in order to prevent certain GPUs from being assigned to new jobs a full restart of the startd *is* needed, but not the intended behavior (reconfig should be enough).

This is what we found:

1) Using condor_config_val -start -rset OFFLINE_MACHINE_RESOURCE_gpus=<...> failed with the following message in the logs:

05/15/20 09:37:17 WARNING: Someone at xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is trying to modify "OFFLINE_MACHINE_RESOURCE_gpus"
05/15/20 09:37:17 WARNING: Potential security problem, request refused

This user is an administrator and can set other knobs without issue.

2) Setting it in a configuration file and doing a `condor_reconfig -startd` does work, the variable is set, but it doesn't come into effect, i.e. jobs keep being assigned.

We tested it by trying to disable all GPUs from a node and trying to force a job with `request_gpus=1` to run there (via "requirements", the job couldn't run anywhere else), the job was started as usual.

3) We had to do a "full" `condor_restart -startd` for the change to have effect, and of course that killed the running jobs in that node. The job couldn't be matched in this case, so the configuration was OK.

I've got the feeling that the problem lies in that the GPUs are already assigned to the partitionable slot, we verified it by checking the `AssignedGpus` of the partitionable slot.

Before the condor_restart, even after the reconfig, it was still showing all the devices, they only were gone after the restart. The configuration knob was set, but the already existing partitionable slot wasn't modified.

Then, since the partitionable slot still had them, they were assigned to the children, what also makse sense... I'm not sure if it can be prevented that a partitionable slot assigns the resources it already "owns".



On 14/5/20 20:58, John M Knoeller wrote:
Any configuration of the *amount* of resources requires a restart.  And you should not expect that taking
a GPU offline would have any effect on the resources assigned to any existing slots.

In particular if a job was running on a slot, marking the GPU as offline should not have any effect on the job.

But it *should* prevent a new dynamic slot from being assigned that GPU. It was intended that this work.


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I have to confess, I didn't try it, I found the following in the

A restart of the condor_startd is required for changes to this configuration variable to take effect.

And I just directly though that we'd need a full condor restart, so it
wouldn't make what we need.

Of course, if a condor_reconfig is enough, that would fit our needs!


On 14/5/20 18:13, John M Knoeller wrote:
Are you saying that changing OFFLINE_MACHINE_RESOURCE_<name> in the config and then running condor_reconfig
does not take the GPU offline?

If it does not, I would consider that  bug.


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In a partitionable slot, is there any way to disable a given GPU without
restarting the startd, or in any case to prevent it from being assigned
to new jobs? In short, what `OFFLINE_MACHINE_RESOURCE_<name>` already
does, just without restarting the startd (i.e. without stopping already
running jobs).

We have some nodes with multiple GPUs, and from time to time one of the
GPUs crashes and ends up in some unstable state. The node then becomes a
"black hole" because it keeps accepting jobs that then just crash.

We can already detect it, but fixing it usually requires a reboot
(trying to reset the card doesn't always do the trick, we already tried).

What we ideally would want is to prevent the non-working card from being
assigned to new jobs until we can find the right spot to reboot the
node, because some jobs need a long time to run, and we want to make it
as little intrusive as possible.

With static slots it would be easy to just set START to false in the
slot, but would it be possible to do something equivalent with dynamic

I fear the system will be very confused if we make the START expression
conditional on the assigned GPU...



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