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[HTCondor-users] max_materialize not working with HTC 8.9.3 (failed to create ClassAd for Job)


I try something like: 

max_materialize = 100
queue 1000

This works fine using a remote submit with 8.7.1 on the submitting node but fails with 8.9.3

In the log file I see: 

035 (6200261.-01.000) 05/20 10:12:18 Factory submitted from host: <>
037 (6200261.-01.000) 05/20 10:12:18 Job Materialization Paused
        failed to create ClassAd for Job 6200261.0 : Submit:-1:No 'executable' parameter was provided

        PauseCode 1

As the submit file is exactly the same of course, hence the 'executable' is not missing for sure ;) 

I also recognized that in the older htc version the scheduler gets unresponsive for condor_q requests during processing the max_materialize job but that is a different 'thing' I guess.

Did not find anything about late_materialization in the docs, is that on purpose or is it on the todo list ? 


Christoph Beyer
DESY Hamburg

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