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[HTCondor-users] Advice(s) on updating servers and clients from 7.8


Since recently, I have been in charge of a small HTCondor cluster where servers are under 7.8.10 and nodes under client either in 7.8.10 for most of them, or in 8.6.8. The migration has been stopped at a point because the clients in 8.6.8 were not having Quill enabled by default, and that we rely on the Quill DB for a certain amount of tasks, such as keeping an history and allow users to define projects served through a dedicated web server.

We have recently noticed that submitting nodes in 8.6.8 does not have notification of users at the end of jobs available by default. I have to prepare the full update now.

Which points do you think I should care the most for this update (even to the latest version) ? I am of course going to do it first in a test environment.

Best regards,