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Re: [HTCondor-users] Job NOT considered by the matchmaker


enabling D_ACCOUNTANT, Negotiator reports the following

11/17/20 10:46:00   Negotiating with group_cms.grid.cms015@ReCaSCluster at <XXXXX:9618?addrs=XXXXX-9618+[2001-760-4227--18]-9618&noUDP&sock=2347236_3d60_3>
11/17/20 10:46:00 0 seconds so far for this submitter
11/17/20 10:46:00 0 seconds so far for this schedd
11/17/20 10:46:00     Reached submitter resource limit: 0.000000 ... stopping

trying to take a look at the code[1] I can understand a limit has been reached

line 4770: if( limitUsed >= submitterLimit ) {

moreover submitterLimit seems to be bouand to the SubmitterName too.

is there a way to reset this submitterLimit ?

Are you going to schedule a new Office hours sessions ?


On 16 Nov 2020, at 14:58, Alessandro Italiano <alessandro.italiano@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I have same jobs belonging to an AccountingGroup used to run multicore jobs which are stacking in Idle status.

condor_q -analyze reports the jos as ânot considered by the matchmakerâ
Actually in the Negotiator log file there are not messages reporting the AccountingGroup is going to be Negotiated

condor_userprio -cleanall does not resolve the issue.
Debug info have not helped

How can I understand whey the Negotiator is not evaluating those jobs ?

thanks in advance


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