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[HTCondor-users] JobWrapper fails to execute after upgrade to 8.8.11

Hi all,

weâre currently preparing to upgrade our Batch Cluster from HTCondor 8.6 to 8.8. However, our test node shows an issue that I do not understand.

We use a `USER_JOB_WRAPPER` to run all jobs in a login-shell environment. The script is basically this:

	#!/bin/bash -l
	exec "$@â

Since the upgrade to 8.8.11, condor fails to execute the job-wrapper with `child exec failed due to bad interpreter (/bin/bash)` [0]. Obviously, the machine does have `/bin/bash` and executing the wrapper as either root or condor works fine.
No changes were made other than upgrading HTCondor and restarting it.

Is there any change that could affect this? Do we have to be aware of how HTCondor determines the PATH?
Iâve only found Ticket #6904, but it seems unrelated.


11/23/20 10:48:15 (pid:26553) (D_ALWAYS) Job 1414142.0 set to execute immediately
11/23/20 10:48:15 (pid:26553) (D_ALWAYS) Starting a VANILLA universe job with ID: 1414142.0
11/23/20 10:48:15 (pid:26553) (D_ALWAYS) Current mount, /tmp, is shared.
11/23/20 10:48:15 (pid:26553) (D_ALWAYS) Current mount, /var, is shared.
11/23/20 10:48:15 (pid:26553) (D_ALWAYS) IWD: /tmp/condor_execute/dir_26553
11/23/20 10:48:15 (pid:26553) (D_ALWAYS) Output file: /tmp/condor_execute/dir_26553/_condor_stdout
11/23/20 10:48:15 (pid:26553) (D_ALWAYS) Error file: /tmp/condor_execute/dir_26553/_condor_stderr
11/23/20 10:48:15 (pid:26553) (D_ALWAYS) Renice expr "10" evaluated to 10
11/23/20 10:48:15 (pid:26553) (D_ALWAYS) Running job as user alice022
11/23/20 10:48:15 (pid:26553) (D_ALWAYS) Using wrapper /usr/libexec/condor/jobwrapper.sh to exec /tmp/condor_execute/dir_26553/condor_exec.exe
11/23/20 10:48:15 (pid:26553) (D_ALWAYS) Warning: Create_Process: failed to read child process failure code
11/23/20 10:48:15 (pid:26553) (D_ALWAYS) Create_Process(/usr/libexec/condor/jobwrapper.sh): child exec failed due to bad interpreter (/bin/bash)
11/23/20 10:48:15 (pid:26553) (D_ALWAYS) Create_Process(/usr/libexec/condor/jobwrapper.sh,/tmp/condor_execute/dir_26553/condor_exec.exe, ...) failed: invalid interpreter (/bin/bash) specified on first line of script (errno=2: 'No such file or directory')
11/23/20 10:48:15 (pid:26553) (D_ALWAYS) Failed to start job, exiting
11/23/20 10:48:15 (pid:26553) (D_ALWAYS) ShutdownFast all jobs.

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