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Re: [HTCondor-users] Job NOT considered by the matchmaker


thanks for the answer.

the cluster is running condor 8.6.13. 
We have completed the migration from CREAM to CONDOR-CE, so we have 3 SCHEDDs at 8.8.10

After a long debug session, I have[I believe] evidence the issue is related with the SLOT_WEIGHT.
It seems multicore jobs submitted through the condor-ce are not evaluated in a weighted manner by the Negotiator.

We have scheduled a HTcondor upgrade

[root@htc-ctl-01 ~]# condor_userprio 
Last Priority Update: 11/23 08:09
Group                            Config     Use    Effective   Priority   Res   Total Usage  Time Since Requested 
  User Name                       Quota   Surplus   Priority    Factor   In Use (wghted-hrs) Last Usage Resources 
------------------------------- --------- ------- ------------ --------- ------ ------------ ---------- ----------
group_cms.grid                       0.80 ByQuota                1000.00   3288    241753.52      <now>        527

[root@htc-ctl-01 ~]# tail -f /var/log/condor/NegotiatorLog| grep cms
11/23/20 08:10:18 Group group_cms.locmcore - skipping, zero slots allocated
11/23/20 08:10:18 Group group_cms.grid - skipping, at or over quota (quota=538.023) (usage=3288) (allocation=527)

[root@ce-05 ~]# condor_q -global -c "x509UserProxyVOName == \"cms\""| grep "Total for query"
Total for query: 176 jobs; 0 completed, 10 removed, 40 idle, 126 running, 0 held, 0 suspended 
Total for query: 190 jobs; 1 completed, 9 removed, 40 idle, 140 running, 0 held, 0 suspended 
Total for query: 196 jobs; 0 completed, 14 removed, 37 idle, 145 running, 0 held, 0 suspended 
[root@ce-05 ~]# 

[root@htc-ctl-01 ~]# condor_q -global -c "x509UserProxyVOName == \"cms\"" -af RequestCpus

On 19 Nov 2020, at 21:51, Tim Theisen <tim@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The message that the job has "not been considered by the matchmaker" is both misleading and unhelpful has been removed from our code base. Something else is causing the issue.


On 11/16/20 7:58 AM, Alessandro Italiano wrote:

I have same jobs belonging to an AccountingGroup used to run multicore jobs which are stacking in Idle status.

condor_q -analyze reports the jos as ânot considered by the matchmakerâ
Actually in the Negotiator log file there are not messages reporting the AccountingGroup is going to be Negotiated

condor_userprio -cleanall does not resolve the issue.
Debug info have not helped

How can I understand whey the Negotiator is not evaluating those jobs ?

thanks in advance


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