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Re: [HTCondor-users] GPUsUsage

Try running




It may print out a message telling you what is wrong.  If all you see is


  Hanging to prevent process churn.


then neither nvcuda.dll nor cudart.dll is in the PATH.  If that happens, try running


c:\condor\bin\condor_gpu_discovery -verbose


We would expect that to fail also, and for the same reason.   That would mean that you donât actually have the NVIDIA drivers or runtime installed properly.




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we would like to monitor GPU load on our machines in the pool during running jobs (or even without a running job). We found that there is machine classad which shows that, so we started to use it, but now it does not work in some machines. We have the same GPU cards there, same drivers, same HTCondor configuration (just "use feature:GPUs").

Could someone tell me what are the conditions when the classad is provided or if there is another one we could use for gpu load monitoring? We are using Windows version of HTCondor - 8.8.10. Unfortunately, there is almost no mention about this classad in the documentation.


Thank you in advance!