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[HTCondor-users] Client fails to extract VOMS FQAN

Hi all,

Iâm remote-debugging for a new group trying to use our CE. Due to the high latency of this, I was hoping someone else has seen (and solved) such a problem.

The group is using a local HTCondor to submit to our HTCondor-CE. However, it appears their FQAN is not read properly by their local Schedd.
Their `voms-proxy-info` shows the proper FQAN and extensions [0], but when they use any local Condor tools the FQAN cannot be read [1]:
	ZKM: VOMS FQAN not present (error 1), ignoring.

Are there any known reasons why HTCondor could fail to extract the VOMS FQANs? Does HTCondor require a specific certificate type, or libraries to read the VOMS FQAN?


[0] $ voms-proxy-info --fqan

[1] _CONDOR_TOOL_DEBUG=D_ALL condor_q -name htcondor-ce-1-kit.gridka.de -pool htcondor-ce-1-kit.gridka.de:9619 -debug
09/08/20 09:13:18 (fd:4) (pid:54888) (D_SECURITY) SECMAN: new session, doing initial authentication.
09/08/20 09:13:18 (fd:4) (pid:54888) (D_SECURITY) SECMAN: Auth methods: GSI
09/08/20 09:13:18 (fd:4) (pid:54888) (D_SECURITY) AUTHENTICATE: setting timeout for <[2a00-139c-3-2e5-0-61-1-6a]-9619&alias=htcondor-ce-1-kit.gridka.de&noUDP&sock=2207_1748_3> to 20.
09/08/20 09:13:18 (fd:4) (pid:54888) (D_SECURITY) HANDSHAKE: in handshake(my_methods = 'GSI')
09/08/20 09:13:18 (fd:4) (pid:54888) (D_SECURITY) HANDSHAKE: handshake() - i am the client
09/08/20 09:13:18 (fd:6) (pid:54888) (D_SECURITY) HANDSHAKE: sending (methods == 32) to server
09/08/20 09:13:18 (fd:6) (pid:54888) (D_SECURITY) HANDSHAKE: server replied (method = 32)
09/08/20 09:13:18 (fd:7) (pid:54888) (D_SECURITY) ZKM: VOMS FQAN not present (error 1), ignoring.
09/08/20 09:13:18 (fd:7) (pid:54888) (D_SECURITY) IPVERIFY: for htcondor-ce-1-kit.gridka.de matched to
09/08/20 09:13:18 (fd:7) (pid:54888) (D_SECURITY) valid GSS connection established to /C=DE/O=GermanGrid/OU=KIT/CN=htcondor-ce-1-kit.gridka.de
09/08/20 09:13:18 (fd:7) (pid:54888) (D_SECURITY) Authentication was a Success.

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