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[HTCondor-users] Possible for user to limit number of jobs per physical machine?

Hi all,

a current user has the problem to start a very I/O intensive jobs and
would like to limit himself to one or two jobs per defined slot - as we
currently only define a single slot per physical machine, that should
not be a problem.

However, as we admins do not want to change the nodes' configuration on
a per user basis or that often, especially not if each user only has a
subset of jobs which are that demanding.

Therefore the question, has anyone a recipe how a user could limit
himself to only run a limited number of jobs per node regardless of how
many subslots a partitionable main slots a machine may have?

While browsing around the docs and mailing list archive, the only place
I found where this information may be readily available is the machine
ad "ChildRemoteUser" from the PartitionableSlot. However, given that
this seems to be a stringified list, I do not know if and how this could
be used in the Requirements section of a submit file.[1]

Anyone with an idea?



[1] While writing this email - thus without testing it so far - I
wondered if it were possible to use any of the predefined functions[2]
in the user's submit file to target only machines where this particular
user has nothing running so far? Or would that in the end lead to a
situation where the Negotiator would propose a match but the node may
refuse the job to run?


Dr. Carsten Aulbert, Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics,
CallinstraÃe 38, 30167 Hannover, Germany
Phone: +49 511 762 17185

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