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[HTCondor-users] Remap output directories

Dear all,

I would like to remap a directory at the end of condor jobs.
Let say I have two jobs (job 1 and 2) each producing a directory results/ but producing different subdirectories.
I would like to remap the results/ directory of each job to a common path different than where the jobs have been submitted such that in the end I obtain both subdirectories A and B to be in : other_path/results/.
i.e other_path/results/A and other_path/results/B

For the directory to be copied in the condor submit file I use
transfer_output_files = results

But then to remap the directory, I found out the transfer_output_remaps command but it works only for files and not directory according to

Is there a way to do so also with directories ?

Many thanks in advance,
Best regards,