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[HTCondor-users] Possible to fail on hold?

Is there some way that I can get jobs that are put into a hold state to simply fail? Or, failing that, is there a PeriodicRelease _expression_ I can use that will force a failure after a given number of HoldRelease cycles? It seems that NumShadowStarts would be close to what I want, but it isnât exactly the number of times the job started execution. Perhaps itâs close enough?


Iâve got a situation with a very long running job that was being killed due to use of too much memory. It was never going to succeed, but the default PeriodicRelease _expression_ used meant that it was retried up to 20 times. The PeriodicRelease _expression_ that is our current default is:


                PeriodicRelease = ((JobStatus==5) && (CurrentTime - EnteredCurrentStatus) > 30)


Iâm not clear how this ever allows the job to fail, but empirically, it does after a variable number of cycles. Anyway, Iâm uncomfortable with what appears to be a potential infinite number of restarts this impliesâ


Thank You!




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