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[HTCondor-users] Condor Watch Queue Announcement

Hello all,

In HTCondor 8.9.8 we released a new tool, condor_watch_q, a live-updating job status tracker that does not repeatedly query the condor_schedd like "watch condor_q" would. condor_watch_q comes bundled with HTCondor itself, and it includes options for colored output, progress bars, and a minimal language for exiting when certain conditions are met. For full details, see the manual page. This tool is very new, and we would appreciate your testing and feedback on it.

Here are some screenshots of condor_watch_q in action, showing a few of the different display options:



Some more example usages:

$ condor_watch_q -h  #  print help message
$ condor_watch_q -users tannenba  # track user tannenba's jobs
$ condor_watch_q -clusters 1234 5678  # track jobs from clusters 1234 and 5678
$ condor_watch_q -users tannenba -clusters 1234 -groupby cluster  # track jobs that belong to tannenba or are in cluster 1234, and group rows by cluster ID

Eric Lin will be in charge of this project, for any feedback or inquiries feel free to contact: zlin245@xxxxxxxx

Thank you!