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Re: [HTCondor-users] Taking action on job breaching scratch space limit

Hi Vikrant,

I'm using the following for the same purpose

DISK_USAGE_EXCEEDED = (JobUniverse !=13 && DiskUsage =!= UNDEFINED && DiskUsage > RequestDisk)
use POLICY : WANT_HOLD_IF (DISK_USAGE_EXCEEDED , 105, "job exceeded requested disk")


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Subject: [HTCondor-users] Taking action on job breaching scratch space limit
Hello Experts,

I am trying to take action on the job using more scratch space than allocated.  

CondorDiskSpace attribute is coming from the dynamic script which is called through condor cron. Script is included before putting this configuration. 

CondorDiskSpace = $(CondorDiskSpace:1024)
DiskPerCore =  $(CondorDiskSpace) / $(NUM_CPUS)
chunksdisk = ifThenElse( RequestDisk <= ($(DiskPerCore) * RequestCpus), quantize(RequestCpus, {1}), quantize(RequestDisk, {$(DiskPerCore)}) / $(DiskPerCore))
MODIFY_REQUEST_EXPR_REQUESTDISK = $(chunksdisk) * $(DiskPerCore)

Commented the last two lines in above configuration and added following to keep the test case simple. 


Confirmed from the output of condor_who -l that Disk and DiskUsage appears in output. However, still using scratch space more than allocated, the job keeps on running.  

DiskUsageBreach = (DiskUsage > Disk)
WANT_HOLD = ($(PREEMPT) || $(DiskUsageBreach))

How can we put the job on hold in this scenario once the job uses more disk space than allocated from scratch directory? 

Thanks & Regards,
Vikrant Aggarwal
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