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Re: [HTCondor-users] How to set a worker node offline in HTCondor

[root@ldas-grid ~]# condor_version
$CondorVersion: 8.9.11 Jan 27 2021 BuildID: 527521 PackageID: 8.9.11-1 $
$CondorPlatform: x86_64_CentOS7 $

[root@ldas-grid ~]# condor_drain -help
Usage: condor_drain [OPTIONS] machine

-cancel          Stop draining.
-graceful         (the default) Honor MaxVacateTime and MaxJobRetirementTime.
-quick            Honor MaxVacateTime but not MaxJobRetirementTime.
-fast             Honor neither MaxVacateTime nor MaxJobRetirementTime.
-resume-on-completion    When done draining, resume normal operation.
-request-id <id>  Specific request id to cancel (optional).
-check <expr>     Must be true for all slots to be drained or request is aborted.
-start <expr>     Change START expression to this while draining.

> On Apr 8, 2021, at 1:53 PM, John M Knoeller <johnkn@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> if 
> condor_drain -help
> does not show a -reason arg, that would explain it.  which would mean I'm wrong about what version that got released in. 

Stuart Anderson