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Re: [HTCondor-users] Condor-Annex setup and check-setup reports OK as long as CloudFormation entries exist.

I just wanted to report on a weird condor annex behaviour that has been
tripping me since Friday-ish. The TLDR of the report is that Condor Annex
remembers configuration state as long as CloudFormation exists.

The operating assumption of condor_annex is that the user won't screw around with the resources created by CloudFormation, yes. If the user does, as long as the CloudFormation stacks exist, the use should be able to use the web console to force AWS to re-create the necessary resources (at which point, re-running condor_annex -setup should pull the new resource IDs into the configuration).

I suppose condor_annex could also query the state of the CloudFormations, but AFAIK, nobody's had any trouble with this before.

If you want to redo the annex setup completely from scratch, the manual has instructions on how to undo the setup command (deleting the CloudFormation stacks will delete the resources they created):


- ToddM