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Re: [HTCondor-users] Docker cannot inspect exited container

On 12/6/21 8:32 AM, Schock, Justus wrote:

When running jobs with the docker universe, I always get the following error message:

12/06/21 15:26:24 (pid:3819363) Create_Process succeeded, pid=3819365
12/06/21 15:26:24 (pid:3819363) Suspending all jobs.
12/06/21 15:26:24 (pid:3819363) DockerProc::Suspend() container 'HTCJob50126_0_slot1_1_PID3819363'


It looks like condor is trying to suspect the docker job immediately after starting it.  Is this intentional in your pool -- suspend means that the job is still using the slot, but has effectively been sent SIGSTOP, so that it isn't using any cpu.