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Re: [HTCondor-users] Possible delays for starting a shadow?

What version of HTCondor are you running? We made a change in HTCondor version 8.9.11 to quickly close any open file descriptors. Earlier versions of HTCondor would attempt to close all file descriptors and long delays were noted in some cases.


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If I am understanding your query correctly, It could possibly be related to the following settings (set to higher value than default).


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Vikrant Aggarwal

On Thu, Dec 30, 2021 at 4:35 PM Sever, Krunoslav <krunoslav.sever@xxxxxxx> wrote:

at the moment I am investigating a case in which a scheduler delays starting a shadow for unknown reasons.

The job is minimal, no file transfers, executes just some echo statements - as soon as the job is actually started, it is done immendiately.

When submitted to another sched (should have same config), there is consistently no delay.

>From the logs, which are currently still on default level I see:

* job is submitted to and transformed on sched
* negotiator matches the job to a worker a short time later

In the working case the shadow is started on the sched without any delay.

Not so on the sched I am looking at

* the job is in running state according to condor_q
* the job ad has no mention of the matched worker node (yet)
* on the worker I find nothing about the job id in the logs

I have actually a job id right now where I am waiting for the shadow to start with loglevel increased to D_FULLDEBUG but no output for the job yet - but the increase happened after matching, might have missed the interesting stuff.

Do you have any ideas what could cause this behavior?


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