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[HTCondor-users] Issue: TotalDisk is not the current amount of the free disk space on the machines

Hello all,

ÂÂÂ I'm addressing an issue about the current free disk space detected by the daemon condor_startd. The condor version is 8.8.11 running GNU/Linux

I checked the amount of disk space on the execute machines is less than the current disk space and/or vice versa. For example, in a machine the TotalDisk is 4529828 KiB, but the current amount of disk space is 74357772 KiB. In another case, the amount of disk space is 4 KiB and the TotakDisk detected is 54742440 KiB. None of machines was running any job during the checking.

I have read the stable HTcondor manual, but I didn't found any clarification. Moreover, the explanation of the 'Disk' attribute says 23000 = 23MiB in the section Machine ClassAd attribute. Is it kiB or kB for the attribute Disk ?

Could someone give me some hints to figure out this issue about the amount of the free space in the TotalDisk?

Thanks in advanced.

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