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[HTCondor-users] Ticket #6463: Change IS_OWNER default to False

I think weâve just been bitten by this change when upgrading from 8.6.12 to 8.8.12


Looking through the 8.7 development series changelog shows:


Version 8.7.6

Release Notes:

    HTCondor version 8.7.6 released on January 4, 2018.

New Features:

    Changed the default value of configuration parameter IS_OWNER to False. The previous default value is now set as part of the use POLICY : Desktop configuration template. (Ticket #6463)

IS_OWNER = (START =?= False)




âThe Owner state (and IS_OWNER) is an artifact of Condor's cycle-scavenging roots."


We ARE cycle scavenging from staff desktops/laptops. I assume if we explicitly set:

IS_OWNER = (START =?= False)

in the config files then the previous behaviour will be restored?








P.S. some more checking default configs show some other (maybe important?) differences.


8.6.12                                                                                              8.8.12


CondorIsAdmin = true                                                                CondorIsAdmin = false

CURB_MATCHMAKING = false                                                 CURB_MATCHMAKING = RecentDaemonCoreDutyCycle > 0.98


I donât think the matchmaking one will cause probs, and thereâs a bunch of others to

do with concurrent uploads/downloads and negotiator max times that shouldnât be an issue.