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Re: [HTCondor-users] best way to append WANT_HOLD reason

I do something similar with the start _expression_, and the trick is simply a nested set of conditional expressions. Instead of âundefinedâ in your example, youâd have another ifThenElse, creating whatâs essentially a switch statement.


You can nest them by self-reference:


Want_hold_reason = undefined

Want_hold_reason = ifThenElse( $(Memory_exceeded), âmemory exceededâ, $(Want_hold_reason) )

Want_hold_reason = ifThenElse( $(Cpu_exceeded), âcpu allocation exceededâ, $(Want_hold_reason) )


This allows you to spread the settings across multiple config files.


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Looking at WANT_HOLD


   ifThenElse( $(MEMORY_EXCEEDED), \  
               "Your job used too much virtual memory.", \  
               undefined )

What if  I have 5+ reasons to hold a job. What is the most sanest and maintainability perspective to construct the WANT_HOLD_REASON clause? 


My reasons are: if the job gets executed from a certain submitter, time of day,  job duration, memory, etc..





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