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Re: [HTCondor-users] if/endif conditionals in new/old style job transforms/routes

Hi Tj,

thanks for the clarification :)

The example you gave - is it in old or new style syntax? From the code Krunow sugegsted it should be 'new style' [1], or?


We had a discussion here, which language/syntax styles/conventions are suggested

The 'new syntax' marked with square brackets, with the macros tending to be underscore_separated

  lower_macro_foo.ad ... ;
  # eval_set_foo.ad ... ;

The semicolons are not necessary but suggested, or?


And the 'old syntax' with something like


  if defined Some.Ad
       CAPITALMACRO foo.ad
       # EVALSET foo.ad ...


where the macros are normally named in capital letters in the documentation.

Job routes are equivalent/the same as job transformations - i.e., no syntax differences?

Is this mostly correct? ;)

Cheers and thanks,

// Load transform rule from the config param into the xfm object.  If
// the config param starts with a '[' (after trimming out leading whitespace above)
                // then assume the rule is in the form of a new classad.
                if ( raw_transform_text[0] == '[' ) {

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