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[HTCondor-users] help needed to troubleshoot why suddenly an user is running less jobs than it used to


Running condor 8.6.13 on Scientific Linux 7.9.

Without changing the Central Managers configuration, as far as I can
tell, suddenly one of the users (A) is running less and less jobs in
our farm. Order of magnitude of 40% less jobs than it used to.

It has been always setup to have the same fairshare values than a
couple other users (B and C). However, B and C are both now running
more than twice than A. This has been happening since a couple of
weeks ago.

The Requirement expression for A's jobs hasn't changed.

The user always has about 1000 IDLE jobs waiting, so it is not a
shortage of waiting jobs.

Any tip or suggestion on how to troubleshoot this is more than
welcome. I am running out of ideas where to look.
Thanks a lot in advance.