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Re: [HTCondor-users] exec node only for specific submitters

On 1/6/21 6:43 AM, Nagaraj Panyam wrote:

Please help me with proper syntax for execute node policy, by which jobs submitted from a particular submit node are executed and all other jobs are not, even if job slots are free.

Assuming that all jobs are coming from condor_submit on a given submit machine, and not, say python, the easiest way to do this is to define an attribute that condor_submit will put in all jobs submitted from a particular machine:

So, in the config file on the submit machine, add (changing IsSpecialSubmitMachine to something more meaningful for your site)

IsSpecialSubmitMachine = true

SUBMIT_ATTRS = $(SUBMIT_ATTTS) IsSpecialSubmitMachine

Then, on all the execute nodes, set the START expression to mention this, like so

START = IsSpecialSubmitMachine

You'll need to condor_reconfig or restart the execute machines for this to take effect.