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Re: [HTCondor-users] RemoteWallClockTime doesn't reset when failed job reruns

On 1/26/2021 8:53 AM, Michael Pelletier via HTCondor-users wrote:
From: HTCondor-users <htcondor-users-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx> On Behalf Of David Cohen
Sent: Tuesday, January 26, 2021 4:09 AM
Subject: [External] [HTCondor-users] RemoteWallClockTime doesn't reset when failed job reruns

A user of ours was using a false exit code to make jobs rerun from a checkpoint noticed that RemoteWallClockTime doesn't reset when the job rerun.
Is that an intended behavior of the walltime counter?

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Yes, that's an intended behavior. The RemoteWallClockTime is a cumulative stat. [snip] The _expression_ (time() - JobCurrentStartDate) will show you the wall clock time for the current incarnation of the job.

^^^ This.  

In addition, realize that normally condor_q shows the cumulative wall clock time of all runs. But note there is also a command option to condor_q, "condor_q -current", which will show you only the wall clock time of the current run.