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[HTCondor-users] Windows installer for version 9.0.1 does not work.


I'm trying to install new version of HTCondor on Windows 10. Installer is started from the command line with administrator privileges. Previous installations of HTCondor removed before install. In the msiexec log I see the following error:

Action 16:04:07: MakeAdminToken. 
CustomAction MakeAdminToken returned actual error code 2 (note this may not be 100% accurate if translation happened inside sandbox)
Error 1722. There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor. Action MakeAdminToken, location: C:\Temp\condor\bin\win_install_helper.exe, command: -config C:\Temp\condor\condor_config -sid S-1-5-21-2254204192-2266259495-1390949045-1001 -key LOCAL -token C:\Temp\condor\tokens.d\admin 

I installed the latest VC redistributable and tried to give full control to the folder 'C:\Temp\condor' for 'Everyone' but it does not help. Any ideas what can go wrong?

Full installer log is here: https://pastebin.com/bTQTM2s8

Sergey Komissarov
Senior Software Developer

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