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[HTCondor-users] Cannot specify a compute node

Dear users,

I just installed htcondor ver. 9.0.1 on a linux cluster with five nodes.
The following is my submit script.
The job always goes to a certain machine (node03), not to the one I choose (node01).

How can I fix thisÂproblem?
Many thanks in advance.

Executable      Â= sleep.sh
Log          = test.log
Error         = test.err
Output        Â= test.out
Requirements = machine == "node01.synapse"
+IwdFlusNFSCache   Â= False
Should_transfer_files = no
Requirements     Â= TARGET.UidDomain == "synapse" &&             TARGET.FileSystemDomain == "synapse"
GetEnv        Â= True
#Request_GPUs     Â= 1
# Prevent re-run
requirements     Â= NumJobStarts == 0
periodic_remove    = JobStatus == 1 && NumJobStarts > 0
# Email
Notification     Â= Always
Notify_user      = myunggi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx