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Re: [HTCondor-users] accounting for slots/cores in draining?

On 21/06/2021 22.47, Todd L Miller wrote:
ÂÂÂÂOK, I think I get what you're asking now; thanks. I can't think of anything, actually. You could try synthesizing some backfill jobs for that user and playing games with the START expression to run only backfill jobs from the user that prompted the drain -- if your system for prompting drains knows. But can't think of anything built into HTCondor for this.

OK, thanks - yes, I feared it is not really straight forward and an edge case. Maybe backfilling with short user jobs flocking over from our user cluster might be an option (but would need some work on the accounting...). I have to think about your suggestion about synthetic accounting jobs - maybe one could come up with 'preemtable' dummy jobs for accounting backfilling to be injected on the draining user's bill (but might be maybe overkill...)

Cheers and thanks,

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