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Re: [HTCondor-users] how to use rank with memory

There may be other requirements that are dictating the choice of node07 aside from its memory. Do the larger-memory machines also have at least one GPU card with CUDACapability of 3.5 or higher? This will show you:


condor_status -constraint âCUDACapability>3.0â


Also, if you submit the job on hold with a âhold=trueâ statement in the submit or on the condor_submit command line, then you can use condor_q -better-analyze to take a look at what machines the job is able to run on, or use -reverse -machine node07 (or others) to see why or why not one of them is or is not matching to the job.


Michael V Pelletier

Principal Engineer

Raytheon Technologies

Digital Technology

HPC Support Team



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Sent: Thursday, June 24, 2021 9:42 PM
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Subject: [External] [HTCondor-users] how to use rank with memory


Dear users,


I have installed HTCondor 9.0.1

I want the jobs to run on more memory machines.


I submitted a job with the following script, but the job always goes to node07, which has less memory.

How can I achieve my goal?


Thank you for your help.



Executable            = train.sh
Log                   = $outfile.log
Error                 = $outfile.err
Output                = $outfile.out
+IwdFlusNFSCache      = False
Should_transfer_files = no
GetEnv                = True
# for ML jobs
Request_GPUs          = 1
Requirements          = CUDACapability > 3.0
Rank                  = memory
# Prevent re-run
periodic_remove       = JobStatus == 1 && NumJobStarts > 0
# Email
Notification          = Always
Notify_user           = myunggi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx




The following is my condor_status


node01.synapse     LINUX      X86_64 Unclaimed Idle      0.000 80222  0+22:49:4
node02.synapse     LINUX      X86_64 Unclaimed Idle      0.000 64094  0+22:49:4
node03.synapse     LINUX      X86_64 Unclaimed Idle      0.000 64094  0+22:49:4
node04.synapse     LINUX      X86_64 Unclaimed Idle      0.000 64094  0+19:18:0
node05.synapse     LINUX      X86_64 Unclaimed Idle      0.000 64094  0+22:49:4
node07.synapse     LINUX      X86_64 Claimed   Busy      0.280 31892  0+00:00:3
node08.synapse     LINUX      X86_64 Unclaimed Idle      0.000 31892  0+22:49:3
node09.synapse     LINUX      X86_64 Unclaimed Idle      0.000 31892  0+22:49:3
node10.synapse     LINUX      X86_64 Unclaimed Idle      0.000 31892  0+22:49:2
node11.synapse     LINUX      X86_64 Unclaimed Idle      0.000 15779  0+15:34:3
node12.synapse     LINUX      X86_64 Unclaimed Idle      0.000 64042  0+22:49:3
node13.synapse     LINUX      X86_64 Unclaimed Idle      0.000 15819  0+22:44:3


Best regards,