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Re: [HTCondor-users] Edit job requested memory after job enters hold state

Hi Tomer,

if the mem hogs appear just occassionaly, you can give `condor_qedit` a try.

To change an existing jobs memory requirement, something like
  condor_qedit 112345678.0 "RequestMemory = 98765"
should work.
The changes should get applied, when the job gets started and matched the next time.


On 28/02/2021 16.33, Tomer Pearl wrote:
Hi everyone,

I have containers that suffers from out of memory error and I don't want to configure swap on my executors. Currently to handle this situation I'm running with a very large RequestMemory value for my jobs.

Is there a mechanism in condor which allows me to "catch" jobs that enters HOLD state, edit their request memory (to a larger value) and resubmit automatically?

Multiple iterations of this process would be great but even changing the amount ones is enough for me. I tried the hooks mechanism but couldn't find a way to be invoked when my job enters hold state.


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